Frequently Asked Questions

What does SGR Energy do?

SGR Blends fuel (#6 Fuel Oil) for power plants and marine sea going vessels.

Where does SGR blend this fuel?

At our East Coast, and Gulf Coast Terminals in the U.S.

What is this fuel made of?

Residual fuel oil, distillates and #6 fuel oil blended for power plants includes cleaner burning petrochemical additives.

What is Residual Fuel Oil?

Residual fuels are, in effect, the heavy residues resulting from the petroleum refining process.

Why are these petrochemical additives blended into the power plant fuel?

These additives are used to improve the performance of the fuel, extend the existing supply of fuel and produce a cleaner burning fuel.

Where are these fuels used?

In every ocean and most countries around the world. #6 Fuel Oil is the gasoline of the oceans.

How long has SGR Energy been in business?

SGR Energy was established in 2011.

Is SGR Energy a public or private company?

SGR is currently a private company with plans to take the company public in the next few years.