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SGR Energy, Inc.

Over 25 years ago, our founder, Tommy San Miguel was the first employee of NMM Enterprises, Inc., a Gulf Coast Fuel Oil trading company, and worked his way up to be the Chief Operations Officer. In 2011, Tommy started SGR Energy, Inc. with $1 million in seed investor money. Relying on his vast contacts in the industry, Tommy began delivering fuel barges to customers on the East Coast, and in the Caribbean almost immediately with three major barge deliveries in the first year. Since then, the company has been expanding into Central America, and in 2017 SGR will begin taking on new clients in Asia with plans to make first delivery in the 4th Quarter.

SGR's Continued Growth & Expansion

SGR Energy is continuing to expand its blending operations in 2017 providing access to larger tank volumes, deeper water, and greater accessibilities. We are very excited about the opportunities in front of us and we expect our rapid growth to continue.

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Our mission is to address the problem from within the infrastructure to avoid large capital costs.

Our proprietary fuel blending methods allow for cleaner burning with blendstocks that work as additives to improve the quality, and extend the volume to produce a cleaner burning fuel.