Welcome to SGR Energy, Inc.

Over 25 years ago, our founder, Tommy San Miguel was the first employee of NMM Enterprises, Inc., a Gulf Coast Fuel Oil trading company, and worked his way up to be the Chief Operations Officer. In 2011, Tommy started SGR Energy, Inc. with $1 million in seed investor money. Relying on his vast contacts in the industry, Tommy began delivering fuel barges to customers on the East Coast, and in the Caribbean almost immediately with three major barge deliveries in the first year. Since then, SGR Energy has increased revenue to over $170 Million in 2018 with plans to continue growing exponentially in the years to come.

Our Mission

SGR Energy’s mission is to deliver high-quality petroleum products at competitive market prices and create maximum profit for our shareholders while also helping to positively impact global emissions with our cost-effective, cleaner burning low-sulfur fuels.

SGR Energy Off-Shore Oil Rig

Since 2011, SGR Energy has experienced significant growth by focusing on our core business of blending the highest quality #6 Fuel Oil and providing a reliable supply of fuel to our customers.

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Exceed The Competition

SGR’s finished utility spec, #6 Fuel Oil, will meet or exceed the specs of our competitors and can be delivered to the customer at a much lower cost. Our process is not feedstock specific and allows for versatility, it can utilize inputs derived by various suppliers and can be modified based off of input availability and prices.

SGR's Continued Growth & Expansion

SGR Energy is continuing to expand its blending operations in 2017 providing access to larger tank volumes, deeper water, and greater accessibilities. We are very excited about the opportunities in front of us and we expect our rapid growth to continue.