6 Oil 101

What Are Heavy Fuels?

The simple explanation is that heavy fuels (#6 Oil) literally come from the bottom of the barrel

A thick black residual oil

After refineries take everything (gasoline, diesel, lubricants, asphalt, and liquid petroleum gasses) out of the crude oil, what’s left is a thick black residual oil. That material is then blended with middle distillates and in some cases, petrochemicals to a uniform specification.

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These heavy fuels have two primary uses; power generation and the bunker fuel used aboard ships.

SGR Energy supplies both of these industries with heavy fuel oils inspected by 3rd party inspection companies to certify that seventeen different specifications have been met. This inspection process allows us to ensure that our fuel meets our customers’ requirements and is free of contaminants.

Heavy Fuels Used For Power Generation

Top 3 Factors Impacting Today's #6 Oil Market:


Continued advancements in refining technology will reduce residual oil supply


Growth in emerging markets increases demand for power generation, and more fuel from the global marketplace.


Environmental Standards
Global environmental standards put pressure on the industry to blend cleaner burning fuels