SGR Energy Eyes Point Comfort For Major Crude Export Operation
3 million barrels of crude oil projected to be exported in 2020.
To double output in 2021.

By Craig A. Hicks, March 18, 2020 -- Houston, Texas -- While markets are down, and questions loom about where oil prices are going, SGR Energy, a refined products company based in Houston Texas, announces today that it is building a crude oil export operation on the Texas Gulf Coast. Part of a long term business strategy, SGR is seeking to expand oil storage and terminaling options, while also looking at building a pipeline. As of today the company is loading 160,000 barrels of crude to a vessel at the Calhoun Port Authority with another ship scheduled to dock in about two weeks. "SGR Energy will export more than three million barrels of crude oil through the Calhoun Port Authority by the end of 2020, and we expect to expand the operation and double that volume in 2021." -SGR Energy's Vice President Business Development, Vickie Chamberlin

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