Business Journal’s Fast 100 #1

We’re excited to announce that SGR Energy has been ranked #1 in the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100! Our fiscal growth of 1779.25% from 2015 to 2017 earned us the #1 spot on the list, announced recently at the 2018 Fast 100 Awards luncheon. The company coming in second demonstrated less than half of the growth SGR experienced over the same time period.
We’d like to sincerely thank our shareholders and our team for the hard work they’ve put into the business since our founding in 2011. We couldn’t have achieved this honor without your dedication, belief, and support of the company’s vision of success.
Our growth toward our greater industry goal has just started. As we continue to progress, our CEO Tommy San Miguel believes we can become the largest company in our space over the next decade. The $600M growth plan will help us get there and we’re eager to see what the future holds for our company and teams in this time of accelerated progress.

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Cleaner Burning Fuels at Competitive Market Prices

SGR Energy is a fuel blending and manufacturing company that has developed a platform for cost-effectively incorporating cleaner burning blendstocks and additives into a 1% Sulfur #6 Fuel Oil ready for commercial and industrial burning. SGR’s proprietary methodology with the additives, when blended produces a cleaner burning fuel oil that can be produced on a large scale. The SGR Energy technology is wholly owned by SGR Energy and has no styrenes or butylenes incorporated in its fuel.
Crude Oil & Fuel Commodity Market Activity


What We Do


Procure Blendstocks


Aggregate Blendstocks


Blend #6 Fuel Oil to Specification


Market The Fuel


Distribute The Fuel

5 Billion Barrels
The world fuel oil market trades about 5 billion barrels per year
3 Million Barrels
SGR is set to deliver around 3 million barrels of fuel to Central American customers in 2018

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