Cleaner Burning Fuels at Competitive Market Prices

SGR Energy is a fuel blending and manufacturing company that has developed a platform for cost-effectively incorporating cleaner burning blendstocks and additives into a 1% Sulfur #6 Fuel Oil ready for commercial and industrial burning. SGR’s proprietary methodology with the additives, when blended produces a cleaner burning fuel oil that can be produced on a large scale. The SGR Energy technology is wholly owned by SGR Energy and has no styrenes or butylenes incorporated in its fuel.
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What We Do


Procure Blendstocks


Aggregate Blendstocks


Blend #6 Fuel Oil to Specification


Market The Fuel


Distribute The Fuel

5 Billion Barrels
The world fuel oil market trades about 5 billion barrels per year
3 Million Barrels
SGR is set to deliver around 3 million barrels of fuel to Central American customers in 2017

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- Tom San Miguel, President/CEO (SGR Energy, Inc)